Citizen’s Charter

Out of the total population of 7.21 crores in Tamil Nadu, Scheduled Castes constitute 20% of the population as per 2011 census. In order to improve the living conditions of Scheduled Castes by improving the income earning capacities through Income Generating Programme and improving human skills through training programmes, TAHDCO provides financial assistance to both the programmes. The importance of this charter is to educate the Scheduled Castes about the details of schemes implemented by TAHDCO and to know the officers to be approached for assistance.

District Action Plan

TAHDCO schemes have been decentralised and formulated at the district level for the economic development of Scheduled Caste under the dynamic leadership of District Collectors, in the form of District Action Plans in accordance with the local needs, local potential and availability of resources. The amount for this plan is allocated to the districts based on Scheduled Castes population, so as to ensure that there is no unbalance and there is rational distribution of selection of beneficiaries throughout the state.

Citizen Charter 2017-18 [Tamil] [English]